Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in Detroit...

While researching the artwork for yesterday's post on West Coast automotive illustrators I came across the spread below, signed 'David Lindsay'. I knew I had heard that name before... just couldn't place it. Luckily I have an expert in the east as well as the west to consult with: Harry Borgman, who cut his teeth in the Detroit art market back in the 50's jogged my memory...

"Dave Lindsay and I worked together for many years starting out at McNamara Brothers studios in 1954," wrote Harry in response to my message. "We worked as a team, Dave would paint the cars and I would do the backgrounds and figures, this was primarily for automotive catalog work. In 1955 Dave and I were offered a partnership in MDM Studios which we accepted."

"After working night and day for a year, mainly doing catalog design work, I was burned out and left MDM, deciding to quit the studio business altogether."

"I wanted to be an art director and got a job at Campbell Ewald. Dave also quit MDM and went back to Mcnamara studios."

"At CECO I was responsible for doing the Chevrolet catalogs and had Dave paint most of the cars for the '57 and '58 catalogs. Dave was one of the very best automotive artists in Detroit. Around that time he also did the announcement ads for the Edsel."

"After I left Campbell Ewald, Dave also quit McNamara's and we freelanced together with Ted Lodigensky and Jimmy Jackson for a few years."

* Many thanks to Harry for those background details. Be sure to visit his blog, Harry Borgman's Blog for much more about Harry's career - both in Detroit and beyond. And to see some of the amazing digital art Harry's been doing in recent years, drop in at his other blog: Hairy Blogman


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Now we know precisely where Detroit screwed up; look at those paint colors!

  2. Harry to the rescue! Great information and I love the MDM announcement.

  3. Did McNamara do anything for Packard?