Friday, February 26, 2010

Leif Peng: An Illustrator You Should Know?

Well, I dunno. The jury's still out on that.
But Thomas James, the genius behind Escape from Illustration Island, one of the best illustration resources on the Net, seems to think so. Thomas interviewed me recently for his excellent, ongoing EFII podcast series. If you haven't had enough of my blather here on Today's Inspiration (or if you're just curious to hear what I sound like) then go on over to Escape from Illustration Island and click the play button.


  1. Chad Sterling6:59 PM

    It's a good interview,Leif.I found your thoughts on self-promotion very interesting, so i'm going to have to rethink my strategy there.
    Given your comments about the decline of conventional illustration,arguably more of us are going to become visualizers or concept designers rather than illustrators.
    Confession, I always thought your name was pronounced as in 'leaf' raher than 'life'.Apologies.
    What happens in Pt2?

  2. I really like Today's Inspiration and have been following for about six months now. I have to say it's one of the best sources and one of those I constantly turn to when I want to find good articles on illustrators. But one thing that I noticed is that I don't see a lot of female illustrators being featured here. Maybe it's been said before, if so my bad. I know it would make it more interesting for many of course including me too.

  3. I illustrated to it! Kept me working and not singing or doing hip hop hand gestures like music does to me. You've gotta keep talking Leif, you're a good guy to listen to!

  4. Wow, thanks for your enthusiastic comments and encouragement, everyone. You really made my day :^)

    Chad; I honestly don't remember what I said during that long, rambling - really enjoyable! - conversation with Thomas... but if you found part 1 interesting then I hope part 2 doesn't disappoint. And thanks again :^)

    lopez de victoria; I'm so glad you decided to speak up after six months of visiting. Your feedback helps me decide who and what to feature on Today's Inspiration. Actually, I do feature quite a few female illustrators whenever possible ... but the fact that you aren't aware of them tells me I'm not doing a good enough job of pointing them out. I will try to think of something that those with a specific interest in female illustrators of the mid-century can turn to as a quick reference... perhaps a separate blog collecting all the female artists I've featured with a link in the sidebar? we'll see. And thanks again. :^)

    Kagan; I was grinning from ear to ear after reading your comment and imagining you drawing while listening to me go on and on. And on. Hip hop is better... J5 is my soundtrack lately... but thanks for the compliment mon ami. :^)

  5. Good point although I don't see why separate? I think one place to go to for all is better than jumping between here and there. Keep it up always :D

  6. So interesting Leif. I can't wait to listen to part 2.