Tuesday, January 18, 2011

James Dwyer, Part 1

My teaching duties this semester at the college have really had me tied up! Finding the time to get new posts together for Today's Inspiration has really been a struggle...


So I'm going to have to take a new tack: I'll have to cut back on my research and writing for a while until I can sort out my schedule so things are a bit more manageable. You'll still be able to get a daily dose of visual inspiration -- but you won't be hearing much about those visuals from me.

Hey, that could turn out to be a blessing, eh?


To satisfy those who are curious about the artists I'll be showcasing, I'm going to try to feature mostly those artists about whom you can read elsewhere. James Dwyer, for instance.


Dwyer was the subject of an article in Illustration magazine #5 which, thanks to the generosity of publisher/editor Dan Zimmer, you can now read online for free here.


So drop by each day for some new, inspiring mid-century illustrations...


... and I'll return when I can with some new, (hopefully inspiring) related text!

* My James Dwyer Flickr set.


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I don't know how you do all that you do! Thanks for another great post and all the links. I always look forward to them, no matter in what form.

  2. Thank you, PAMO :^)

  3. I love those old Coooper Studio ads. You go down the long list of talent they represented and the mind reels...

  4. From a lurker who comes here every now and then to get lost in these amazing illustrations for, oh hours, I hope you manage! What a wonderful site.

  5. wow!..i love his style!..thanks again for the great post!

  6. Thanks phx and Lloyd; don't worry, there'll be no stopping me - i love this era in illustration too much to stop investigating it and posting what I find. :^)

  7. David;

    I know what you mean. I find it fascinating and very informative to use those rosters as a means of tracking different illustrators' career paths.

    Interestingly, Fredman Chaite, arguably Cooper's biggest competition, didn't list their roster of artists in their ads. Nearly every other studio that advertised in the AD Annuals and in Art Director & Studio News did, suggesting they all felt those names were a selling point. I wonder why FC did not...

  8. How WOW is all this?