Wednesday, January 19, 2011

James Dwyer, Part 2

There were four installments to this 1954 series Dwyer illustrated. Unfortunately, I only have three of the four issues in which those installments appeared... but here they are anyway. Enjoy!




* Don't forget, you can read about James Dwyer in Illustration magazine #5, free online.

* My James Dwyer Flickr set.


  1. I think Dwyer's illos are the essence of the 1950s' illustration look.. solid draftsmanship, well knit compositions, dramatic staging, informal candid point of view and plenty of reality in his renderings, without the hard edge over rendered photorealism that I see in more recent book illustrations. His work was a nice blend of academic accuracy and plenty of personality, taste and subjectivity. I think Dwyer's studies with Harvey Dunn and later with Charles Hawthorne was a tremendous benefit in his development.

    Thanks Leif, another excellent mid century illustrator uncorked on TI.

    Tom Watson

  2. Thanks Tom! Beautifully put. :^)