Monday, August 08, 2011

Landscape Painting by Christopher Davis

Two weeks ago I was way up north, nearly an hour's drive above Manitoulin Island, on my summer vacation with a group of friends who are also artists. We spent a week up there at a camp in a tiny community called Whitefish Falls, painting landscapes 'en plein air.'

 I brought along the two Grumbacher Library 'How to Paint..." books I mentioned a little while ago, when we looked at the work of Albert Pucci here on Today's Inspiration.


Pucci was not the only artist featured in those two volumes... there are also quite a few pages devoted to artwork and instruction from an artist named Christopher Davis. Since landscape painting is very much on my mind at the moment, I thought maybe I'd share some of Davis' work from those Grumbacher books with you this week.


The book explains how these paintings were achieved with a limited colour palette. I found it reassuring that our instructor up at Whitefish Falls, Richard Edwards, taught us to use exactly these same limited colour palettes when we did our paintings each day.


Over the last couple of years, I've been very inspired to watch the progress of a couple of friends, Michael Cole Manley and William Wray, both of whom have been doing some really fabulous painting - often landscapes. (I strongly encourage you to click through the links and have a look at their work!)

Both these gentlemen have given me some excellent advice about how to learn to paint landscapes.  Just the other day Bill wrote about the importance of doing many small sketches before actually beginning to paint the subject, and that advice is confirmed and demonstrated beautifully by Davis in his Grumbacher lessons:


Davis03.detail03 Davis03.detail04

Davis03.detail02 Davis03.detail05 Davis03.detail06

Here are a few more pieces by Davis... describing how to paint specific elements within various landscape and seascape settings.




Whew!  Maybe some day I'll learn to be this good!  Tomorrow we'll look at one of Davis' step-by-step demonstrations and some examples of his finished paintings from the two Grumbacher books.
Excerpted from The Art of Seascape Painting and The Art of Landscape Painting, © 1965, '66 M. Grumbacher Inc.
And in case you're at all curious, here's a link to my own meager offerings from my trip up north.  

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