Friday, September 16, 2011

Harold Von Schmidt Scans: A Parting Gift from Tak Murakami

* This week, a parting gift from Tak Murakami, a Chicago illustrator and fan of Today's Inspiration who passed away recently. Thanks to Tak's friend Jason Millet for doing the scanning of these Harold Von Schmidt tear sheets from Tak's reference files. If you'd like to see some of Tak Murakami's own work, Jason put together a very nice tribute to Tak on my other blog, Storyboard Central.

  Von Schmidt23Von Schmidt22 Von Schmidt20 Von Schmidt19 Von Schmidt18 Von Schmidt17 Von Schmidt15 Von Schmidt16 Von Schmidt13

Von Schmidt14

Von Schmidt12

Von Schmidt11

Von Schmidt10

Von Schmidt09

Von Schmidt08

Von Schmidt07

Von Schmidt21

 * Many thanks to Jason Millet, who no doubt spent quite a lot of time scanning all of this week's images from his friend Tak Murakami's reference files. Jason wrote, "[Tak] was a great guy and in an industry that breeds loveable curmudgeons he was a loveable sweet guy-- and honestly so, through and through. We miss him."

Murakami02 Rest in peace, Tak Murakami (1933-2011)


  1. Thanks a lot. I think it's a beautiful way of remembering an artist, through the artists he loved.

  2. Harold Von Schmidt was a wonderful illustrator. He was a good painter, could draw well, all with good design. And his animals! These are without peer.

  3. Wow, what a treat!

    Schmidt was one of the last direct artistic descendants of Howard Pyle, and he was a very worthy successor and torch-bearer for the Brandywine Tradition.

    His work is so fluid and "just so" that he strikes me as one of the most deceptively great artists who has ever lived: His paintings are so entertaining that their artistry is rendered invisible.

    The more I see of Von Schmidt, the more I genuflect in his direction.

    Thanks so much for these images, most of which I'd never seen before.


  4. Thank you for creating such a great blog devoted to art, and for posting such wonderful images. I've dedicated the last year or so to saving these great artworks on my computer. I've also begun to develop carpal tunnel from all the clicking. I hope you'll forgive me after the loss of a contributor and friend - I'd just like to put in a suggestion. Instead of linking your images from their main page on flicker, you could link them to the "all sizes" page. This would result in all of us skipping a couple clicks per artwork, and help my hurt wrist. I realize a great deal of work must go into these blogs, and I don't want to sound ungrateful. I hope the switch wouldn't be too onorous for you. Either way, thank you for the hard work.

  5. Great illustrations!

    I would also like to share these paintings from my artist friend, Sofan Chan and I believe that her paintings are inspiring as well.