Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John Gannam Scans: A Parting Gift from Tak Murakami

* This week, a parting gift from Tak Murakami, a Chicago illustrator and fan of Today's Inspiration who passed away recently. Thanks to Tak's friend Jason Millet for doing the scanning of these Noel Sickles tear sheets from Tak's reference files. If you'd like to see some of Tak Murakami's own work, Jason put together a very nice tribute to Tak on my other blog, Storyboard Central. Gannam20 Gannam18 Gannam17 Gannam15 Gannam16 Gannam19 * More by this artist in my John Gannam Flickr set.


  1. Gannam is one of my all time faves...right up there with Sundblom. I would love to see more of his editorial stuff but it is hard to track down. Thank heaven for beer ads they kept some of my favorite artists busy.

  2. These just blew me away when I found 'em in Tak's files. Every time I find a new Gannam, I appreciate his work more and more. I can definitely see why Steve Rude sees him as being so seminal in his own development.

  3. How amazing an eye candy!

    As to the second to last picture, the one with the turkey:

    An "Ode to to Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving Bird" perhaps;? some kind of improvisation on a theme;-)