Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Did You Go, John Allen?

An illustrator/cartoonist named John Allen is responsible for three double page story spreads in the short run of Parents magazines from 1961 that I recently acquired.


I have never seen anything by Allen before in any other magazines from the '50s or '60s. How is that possible? He was terrific!


Maybe Parents magazine was John Allen's "big break." But why then haven't I come across his work elsewhere? It's a mystery...


And unfortunately, with a fairly common name like John Allen, doing a search on the Internet proved to be not very helpful.


Hopefully someone out there will be able to fill us in -- it's happened so many times before.


For now, this is all we have - here's to the talented John Allen, wherever he went - let's hope it was to a long and successful career!



  1. No kidding---nice stuff! Hope someone here can shed some light on John as well as point to more examples...

  2. Oh man... thanks for the reminder! I haven't looked through my bound volumes of Parent's Mag in a few years. In the complete 1959 and 1963 years there's a ton of great illustration work in the features alone...

    Beside the Parents Mag group (Humpty Dumpty, Children's Digest, etc) regulars there's Ginnie Hoffman, Bob Peak, "Greenwald, R", Leonard Shortall, Don Madden, Bob Levering and tons others.

    I've got my reading for the next while!

  3. Complete run from '59 to '63!!! Glen, we need to talk!

  4. Complete runs of 1959 AND 1963. Just the two years worth. I do have one or two other single copies from the late 50s as well.

    I meant to mention that there are other examples of John Allen's work in those bound volumes.

  5. Ivan Camilli2:06 PM

    Very nice! Thanks Peng.

  6. Wow, yeah this is great stuff! I want to say that I've seen his work for a humor gag book from around that time, but I could be wrong. LOVE this stuff!

  7. Still... I'm probably going to have to hit you up for some scans, ol' pal! ;^)

  8. Ah! I am also looking for an illustrator - my favorite Thumbelina story when I was little; watercolor and ink. There was also a Rapunzel book as well. It was stylized like Alphonse Mucha; but not.

  9. Actually... this post inspired me to look a little harder and I found her. Would be great to see a post about Christine Willlis Nigoghossian.

  10. That so remind's me of the Highlight's for Children that I had to read while waiting for the dentist in the 1960's (while the whole time I was wishing for a copy of Mad Magazine.) Maybe check with them - Highlight's, not Mad.

  11. so nice, so great, speechless...