Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love Stinks

What, you thought it was gonna be all sweetness and light? All sunshine and roses? Just ask Fran and Johnnie. One minute you're planning the wedding and the next, Diana comes home on the train from New York City and you're holding your head in your hands.

Told from Fran's point of view, things don't exactly end happily, but she at least comes to realize that she was holding Johnnie back, that things could have been worse had they actually married - and there's the hint of a budding romance with the best man, who's actually more her type.

Dorothy Monet turns in a serviceable job on the art chores. I have never found any information on the artist and only about half a dozen examples of her work, mostly for Woman's Day and Good Housekeeping in the early fifties. Monet's work was always very competent, if somewhat pedestrian ( so why would I choose her for Today's Inspiration, right? but hey - I'm working on a theme here ). I am, however, very fond of this mid-1940's cigarette ad she did.

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