Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That 60's Girl!

On his web page, That 60's Girl!, Armando Mendez does a fabulous job describing the evolution of mainstream realistic illustration:

"...mainstream realistic illustration in the 60s devolved to a distillation of line, color, and white space. The rendering was meant to look like a jazzy, improvised sketch or high contrast photograph with broad side pencil slashes, loose, gesture-like contours and flat translucent or granular color."

"Commercial artists still relied heavily on photographs although now they took pains to not look like they did. The scene could have no direct narrative content, making its point by suggestion or association."

This piece from the September 1960 issue of The Saturday Evening Post clearly shows that Coby Whitmore, who had been one of the originators of the dominant illustration style of the 50's, The Cooper Studio style, was more than comfortable with the transition taking place.

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