Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cool Summer Fashions... 50's Style!

The coolest, hippest fashions were born in the 50's. Everything since has just been a refinement. Take these RayBans, for example... even today, half a century later, you'd get a lot a compliments if you were seen wearing a pair of these.

And - sorry surfer shorts and tank tops - you got nothin' on this family set of matching beach wear. The folks at Catalina knew how to dress us up with class for summer. I predict today's fashion designers will soon be imitating this look - if they haven't already done so.

So how do you complete a snappy summer outfit?

Why with a pair of U.S. Keds, of course. My son just bought himself a pair of shoes identical to the red hightop shown below. Not actual U.S. Keds - his are made of hemp and come from No Sweat Apparel - but that classic 50's style hasn't changed a bit.

Why? 'Cause its cool!


  1. Very cool indeed. A while back I bought myself a pair of pf flyers, newly made but exactly like the originals I owned over 40 years ago. Now if I can just get the funky Catalina ensemble.

  2. I like daddy and moms' gesture/expressions in the Ked's illo! I also agree with you, the Keds style is simply cool! Even though I knew it as the "Converse all stars" style...!

  3. Yup, me too! But that classic hightop style will always be the coolest - no matter who makes it! ;-)