Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Stylization

It kind of incredible, isn't it... this style is 50 years old!

I can remember when some artists from Reactor in Toronto began producing illustrations in this style back in the mid-1980's. It seemed like a really vital, contemporary, avant-garde look. Imagine how truly avant-garde it must have looked to the public three decades earlier...

I now think of this style as the Thomas Vroman look. He's the only artist I've come across from the 50's who put a signature to work done in this style... though I'm sure there were many others. If you've never taken a close look at his work, spend a few minutes perusing my Thomas Vroman Flickr set.


  1. Vroman's work is beautiful! It reminded me for some reason of http://www.weidmansart.com/, even though they are very different.

  2. Wow! That fellow's artwork is REALLY beautiful, bottlecapster - thanks for the link. :-)