Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Carl G. Evers

By Charlie Allen

A long overdue project that I had promised to Leif has been a review of the illustrations and paintings of Carl G. Evers.

CG Evers08

He was another mid-century artist and illustrator who deserves far more recognition and respect than he has received….especially in this digital culture where gadgets have replaced so much  artistic creativity.

CG Evers08.detail01
As a young illustrator I constantly clipped ads and illustrations in spare time. One of the clip files was labeled "Carl Evers” and the ad subjects were boats and ships, often in industrial settings.

CG Evers06

Evers illustrated a fine series for the Philadelphia Electric Company…

CG Evers05

... complicated scenes, very technical, but beautifully composed and rendered.

CG Evers02

Carl Evers was a masterful sea painter in gouache.

CG Evers07

Continued tomorrow...

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  1. When I saw the name the first thing I thought of was paintings of the sea.

  2. When I was in art school, there was the book: "The Marine Paintings of Carl G Evers". It was THE go-to source on how to paint the ocean. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. You know, this group is becoming waaay too knowledgeable. Stay tuned Kyle - Charlie will be presenting excerpts from the Evers book beginning tomorrow! :^)

  4. Thanks so much for paying tribute to Carl G Evers.
    Amazing painter, his little book of marine painting is the best.

  5. charlie Allen6:05 PM

    As usual, I was a day short and a dollar late. I found the small book of Evers paintings in a used book shop in Oakland a few years ago. I didn't know it was well known and a valuable reference for marine painting. No doubt about it....he could dramatize an ocean scene better than any of the older marine oil painters. All in gouache. Not strong on did little fiction illustration.

  6. Gouache! He did all that in gouache!? Incredible. Being a neophyte maritime artist I never heard of this guy...But I guess that's why I'm here. Thanks Leif!

  7. I remember his art from long ago. Always a great inspiration to my art and illustration career. I have his book on maritime illustration.

    Douglas ...los angeles

  8. Geoff8:01 AM

    Hello, I'm an English artist/illustrator and I'm afraid up until recently this type of art was seen as being "unfashionable" but at last the wheel is turning and economic downturns nearly always flag up quality which has been neglected. Well now we have this great artist at last being recognised for the giant he was. If only he had lived to see the proper accolades which will surely, and rightly, come his way.