Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Odds & Ends from Charlie Allen

By guest author Charlie Allen

I'll shoot a few more scans your way from the old ad file... and good stuff.  I already sent a nice illo of the business man and the early Bleriot plane that flew the channel.  I said something about insurance....but no, these were for Pan Am flights and shipping.  Found a few more....excellent, academic illustration....but still have no clue on the illustrator.  Not a 'typical' style that I knew.


After that, a couple of calendar illustrations for International Harvester, or now Navistar.  By Tom Hoyne.


I admired his facile confident gouache style, composition and color. When clipped, had no idea who he was.


Turns out, a famous marine oil painter....and, almost as old as I (1924).


Hoyne is dead now, but his legacy and books are still here. I've ordered a book by him from Amazon that should be a good one... and cause for a blog.

A brief preview of things to come!

Cheers... Chas.

* Many thanks, Charlie -- for saving my bacon while I was otherwise occupied this week! ~ Leif


  1. Chad Sterling2:47 PM

    It strikes me that the white 'tached businessman in the ad series looks like Cesar Romero of the original Ocean's 11 fame.
    Secondly, I'm struck by the similarity of Tom Hoyne's style to yours Charlie.Highly professional.
    Finally,1924 was my father's year of birth, so well done and keep on going.Looking forward to your observations on Hoyne.

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  3. The first illistration is slightly odd. The suit and hat are clearly not 1870!