Friday, August 06, 2010

Spotlight On: A New Weekly NCS Feature!

I'm a proud member of the National Cartoonists Society - its a great organization that works hard to bring a sense of community and cameraderie to a huge body of talented individuals who, let's face it, often tend to operate pretty much in isolation.

National Cartoonist Society.gif

I've been anxious to do whatever I can to promote the NCS and help celebrate the many great talents who have been members over the years - some famous, some less so. To that end, I've been working behind the scenes with our President, Jeff Keane and 2nd VP, Tom Richmond to bring a little 'added value' to the NCS blog. Tapping the archives of Today's Inspiration (and eventually writing new posts) I'll be contributing a weekly feature on some of the luminaries of the NCS. Our first post focuses on Milton Caniff.


Beginning this week - and appearing each Thursday from now on - look for "NCS Spotlight On..." at I hope you'll check it out!

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