Thursday, August 04, 2011

Charlie Allen's final CAWS ~ Part 2

* Although Charlie intended this to be one long post, I'm splitting it into three parts and will present one part each day for the rest of this week. ~ Leif

Following... a couple of Chevrolet ads definitely not seen on previous CAWS.  The first, a B&W full page news ad... ice boat sailing on a frozen Minnesota lake.  My idea of it anyway, not having witnessed the sport.  


My 'Canadian' daughter lives in similar winter conditions in Ontario where 20 to 30 degrees below zero are normal temps in January.  


The second Chevrolet example, a color magazine ad, is one I've kept under cover for years.  A 1957 Chevrolet sedan in the improbable moment of passing an oncoming tour bus, whose passengers are all admiring the Chevrolet in the mili-seconds of visual contact!  


The car is an unfortunate color of yellow green.  


To top it off, the figures in the car were the last to be completed, and therefore the most rushed.  Not my favorite Chevy ad.


After Chevy, we go to the Walker Deluxe whiskey ad... I'm pretty sure scheduled for a Sunday supplement ad in newspapers. Scanned in two parts, and I believe from the late 50's, this could be a repeat.  


The  characters in this case had to be so 'cool'...



... reminding us that ads and human nature never really change.  


I think it's called snob appeal.  

* Concluded tomorrow

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  1. Marvelous Charlie!

    I can look at them pictures for ever...