Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stahl's Women

Ben Stahl was an occassional contributor to Coronet magazine and as far as I've seen all of his assignments for them were multi-image.

Stahl will be remembered for certain recurring themes and this is definitely one of them: his interpretation of exotic beautiful women.

Actually, this feature shows one of the amusing quirks about Coronet magazine: the editors liked to cloak their more prurient articles in the clothes of cultural acceptability. Coronet always had an undertone of family values religiousity. In spite of that, they regularily published photos of scantily-clad Hollywood starlets and parisienne dancing girls.
That's why Stahl was such a good choice to illustrated these subjects. His interpretation of the female form seems to owe more to Renoir then Elvgren.

You can find all these images at full size in my Ben Stahl Flickr set.

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