Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Everyone wanted to go to Cooper's"

"As successful and prestigious as its advertising work was, what set the Cooper Studio apart from other top studios of the time (like the Fredman-Chaite studio in New York or the Kling studio in Chicago) was Chuck Cooper's approach to the editorial illustrations his staff did. Cooper took no commission on editorial work. He figured (correctly, as it turned out) that the prestige his artists would garner from having their work grace the pages of [the] leading magazines of the day would only reflect well on his studio.

As Joe Bowler, a top artist at the studio put it, 'That's one of the reasons why everyone wanted to go to Cooper's. [Cooper] realized that if [his artists] were in the magazines, their names became known, and they attracted more business for the studio.'"

*You can read the entire article by author Neil Shapiro in the 16th issue of Illustration magazine. As well, you'll find addition scans of Fredman-Chaite and Kling studios ads at my Flickr.

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