Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fresh Frozen Frank Soltesz

We don't give such things a second thought these days but I suppose 50 or 60 years ago the concept of fresh frozen foods was still quite novel. My father-in-law was a boy during the 1940's and has told me stories of the ice man delivering blocks, cut during the winter months from nearby Hamilton Harbour, for his mother's icebox. Imagine that.

Yup, once you'd bought that bag of frozen peas you'd want to store it in the freezer compartment of your brand new electric refrigerator. "Before we tour this plant, do you know what a refrigerator really is?" asks the copy writer of the ad below. "Most people think it "manufactures cold." Of course, that's wrong. There's no such thing as "cold." It's just the absence of heat." Huh! "No such thing as cold"... who knew?

The good folks at Telstar Logistics have enjoyed this week's look at Frank Soltesz so much they were inspired to blog about him themselves. They even managed to locate a smidgeon of information about this otherwise unknown illustrator. Go take a look.

* As always, today's images need to be viewed at full size to be truly appreciated. You can do that by clicking on "All Sizes" in my Frank Soltesz Flickr set.


  1. I'd like to make a mockumentary of Frank Soltesz's life and career where we see him leaving his office studio and get in his car which happens to have one side removed. Then we follow him to his beautiful two-story home in which a huge chunk of the front and side have been remove and we see his wife and two kids inside bundled up freezing. Then we see him getting himself a soda out of the fridge which of course is also a cutaway which contains spoiled food, etc, etc, etc....

    OK, we'll save that bit for MAD Magazine.

  2. LoL! That's perfect, Les! These do have a bit of an Al Jaffee quality to them, don't they? Hilarious idea - thanks for commenting. :-)

  3. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I have a road map from 1963 with a cover by Soltesz, which I'd bet is the same guy. The animated cutaway film really gets my vote. I drew a cutaway scene once to reveal missiles inside of a truck.