Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Harry Anderson Addendum

Yesterday's post on Harry Anderson generated some wonderful responses, including this one from TI list member Aron Gagliardo, from the American Academy of Art:
Looking forward to this weeks "old school" illustrators. Take a look at the Academy's website for an original Harry Anderson (top left)." Thanks for the head's up, Aron!

As well, TI list member Eric Colquhoun sent a note that he had "a couple" of Harry Anderson scans he was willing to share -- so this morning I was wowed by a second message from Eric with nearly a dozen images I'd never seen before...

... including a nice little selection of Anderson's later, relious paintings.

They have all been added to my Harry Anderson Flickr set -- with many thanks to Eric for his generous contribution.


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    The shot of the woman through the store window is pure gold.
    Thanks Leif and Eric!

  2. I couldn't put it any better, Mark -- yes indeed - many thanks to you, Eric! :-)

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I remember seeing the Harry Anderson black and white illustration When I went to the American Academy. Its really beauutiful work. Their permanent collection is really nice. Harry Anderson rules!

  4. I remember the "religios" Anderson painting from the inside cover of a childrens Bible I read often as a kid! It's so strange to see it now and realize that I've never thought about. Ah...nostalgia.

  5. what a incredible talent, there's no doubt about why this men is the hand behind all Coca Cola publicity, beside the incredible sketch with Jesus image,