Sunday, August 12, 2007

C.H. Roberts & Harry Borgman

After I posted Friday's Ford Times illustrations by Charles Harper, one reader commented that it would be great to see some work by C.H. (Cliff) Roberts and Harry Borgman.

Both artists were also contributors to Ford's magazine for 50's motorists. Though I was unaware of the work of these two gentlemen, I hoped someone out there might be able to educate us with some examples of their art.

Well, thanks to an anonymous donor, we now have all these wonderful scans to enjoy!

Roberts seems to have worked in many styles...

...and his eclectic approach to flat, cartoony art suggest to me that he might have been a fan of Jim Flora's work.

Our anonymous contributor only found one example of Harry Borgman's art (below) but it too is done is an exciting style that leaves us wishing for more.

Many thanks for finding these images, AC, and for taking the time to scan them for us!


  1. I bet have a cookbook or two by him.

  2. If you do - we want to see that artwork, Bill. This is some very cool stuff!

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Hi Leif, I was surprised to find Cliff Roberts and my art on your blog. Cliff and I worked together in a Detroit art studio, Allied Artists from about 1946 to 1952, We did a lot of art for Ford Times, had great fun doing that stuff. Cliff passed away a few years ago. I'm still quite active in the arts at 79 years old. Take a look at my
    Presently I am working on a series of comic book cover parodies,Which are done on the computer. Let me know how I can send you a few of them. I also have a few copies of old Ford Times magazines and could send you some scans of Cliff's and my art.
    Harry Borgman

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I am trying to find information on a painting in the FORD TIMES magazine, September 1955 issue. The artists name is Bill Hammon. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail adress is