Thursday, November 06, 2008

Other Blogs: Jeffrey Meyer's Goofbutton

At the end of artist Jeffrey Meyer's website,, is a section called "Etc." which Jeffrey describes thus:

"This area will function as (shudder) a sort of blog (groan)... I'll try to bring to your attention the work of artists I find interesting, images that amuse or puzzle me and, well... etc."

And bring to our attention he does! Jeffrey goes to great lengths to scan and upload long runs of rare and obscure artwork by the likes of Al Capp, Leon Gregori, Eldon Dedini and - oh my gosh - so many others!

Along the way he digs up whatever biographical info he can on the artist. It almost reminds me of some other blog I visit every day. Hhmmm...

Most recently, Jeffrey posted a huge batch of drawings by Eric Gurney (above), from the book "How To Live with a Calculating Cat".

"Normally I find illustrations I'd like to post... and they end up sitting in a huge pile for about six months," writes Jeffrey. But when he does post those drawings - wow - watch out!

Go right now to and enjoy the benefit of Jeffrey's generosity (and click on his "Archives" sidebar to see lists of past "Etc." subjects you can view).


  1. Thanks much, Leif! It's an honor. I've learned a lot from your site.

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Thanks for the link. Jeff's blog features what we all like - large scans of great illustrations. Thumbs up! ;)

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