Friday, April 17, 2009

Tom Lovell "down by the bay"

"Like all illustrators who do a variety of illustration," wrote Norman Kent in the December 1956 issues of American Artist, "Tom Lovell must necessarily gather the documents and research materials from libraries and other dependable sources."

"Over the years he has learned where to obtain these references and to detect authenticity when he sees it."

"To augment this study he constantly draws on a retentive memory, his own independent sketches and paintings made between commissions, and on vacation periods when, like this past summer, he traveled by car to the West Coast and back."

"Whenever possible, for an interior background or a landscape, he goes to an original source and makes a sketch on the spot."

"Lovell's color has light and paint quality while the drawing that supports it is firm and assured. He is a natural draughtsman."

"Tom Lovell has 'the capacity to take infinite pains' and this is his lodestone. This is what makes him tick but none of it, least of all his commercial success, has lessened his primary interest in the art of illustration."

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  1. Charlie Allen5:28 PM

    LEIF....A great week on Lovell. As a traditionalist painter/illustrator he was just the best. Flawless color, values, draftsmanship, composition, character types....the whole thing. I had forgotten Lovell did as many romance story illustrations....tend to think more of historical subjects regarding his work. Thanks for all.