Thursday, May 21, 2009

NCS Luminaries: Jack Kent

Continuing, with the generous assistance of Dave Karlen, this week's look at some of the luminaries of the National Cartoonists Society. Today we 'reprint' Dave's post on NCS member, Jack Kent:

"Another favorite in my series of cartoonist from the National Cartoonist Society archives is the whimsical beloved strip King Aroo by Jack Kent."

"The artist's open loose-lined art style coupled with its many sophisticated puns and wonderful wordplay had many fans compare his work to classic strips like Pogo, Barnaby, Little Nemo, and Krazy Kat."

"Here is Kent's short bio from the NCS archives in his own words:"

"Getting from 1920 to the present with a minimal loss of parts and faculties has been my most noteworthy accomplishment. Along the way I have drawn a few cartoons and magazine gags before and after my stint with the army in WWII (1st Lt, FA)."

"The very comic strip King Aroo, which ran (or jogged) for fifteen years, beginning in 1950, made me world famous for blocks around."

"Since 1967 have been writing and illustrating children's book's."

"There have been over forty up to this time, (2:45 PM but my watch may be slow) and more are in the womb."

"I'm having more fun, my wife is an angel, my son is a genius, and I am thrice blessed."

* Thanks to Dave Karlen for the King Aroo original art scan near the top of this post, as well as for today's text.

*The King Aroo Sunday strip is courtesy of Sherm Cohen, who has much more about King Aroo on his blog, Cartoon Snap! Thanks Sherm!

The Jack Kent children's book covers were found at

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