Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Russell Patterson: Cartoonist Artist

*Continuing Richard Taylor's 1950 article from American Artist magazine woven in among some typically excellent Russell Patterson cartoons. Note the first piece - that jaw-dropping cityscape - is not typical of anything I've ever seen by Patterson, but it sure confirms what Taylor writes at the beginning of this passage!

"My advice for the would-be cartoonist is simply this: first realize that a good cartoonist is also an artist; that he requires a considerable skill in drawing - serious drawing - and must know at least the elements of perspective, figure drawing, and pictorial composition."

"That his drawings must have rhythm and "life."

"That it takes time to climb up the ladder to success."

"That all the 'easy lesson' books aren't worth the powder to blow 'em up with..."

"... and are devised by charlatans concerned only with making money."

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  1. These posts are, as usual, Great stuff. Taylor must have written this after his book, "Introduction to Cartooning" was published.

  2. You certainly keep bringing up some of the best stuff ever. Thanks for your dedication to this wonderful blog!