Monday, February 14, 2011

The Robert Fawcett Book Has Arrived!

You don't often hear, "people have been waiting fifty years for this book." But this is one of those occasions. At last, after great anticipation from the illustration community, the Robert Fawcett book is here! (I got mine last week)


David Apatoff, who wrote the text told me, "This book was a real labor of love for both [publisher] Manuel Auad and me. You wouldn't believe the obstacles that popped up."


But, David continued, "I knew Manuel loved Fawcett's work as much as I did, and would patiently spend whatever time and tender loving care it took to get things right."


For his part, Manuel is as generous with his praise for David's contribution: "Please give David a lot of credit for his brilliant essay on Fawcett," he said.


Manuel also asked that I mention "Mark Cox and Amy Stella who are really the core for laying out and designing the look of the book (I did put in my two cents here and there)."


And David also credits the entire illustration community for their support of the project. "The thing that surprised me was the broad family of illustrators and fans out there who were eager to help."


"They reached out with everything from obscure tearsheets and personal recollections to blurbs for the dust jacket. Everyone was eager to see Fawcett's great body of work restored and rejuvenated for future generations."


In the book David recounts a story of how, long ago, Robert Fawcett was asked to speak to a group of students at the Society of Illustrators. He agreed - but wondered who would possibly want to hear from him. When he arrived he found the space so overflowing with his peers that they had crowded the students right out the door and down the hall.


Half a century later we all - students and peers - still want to hear from Robert Fawcett. At last, we can.


The Robert Fawcett book is available now from Auad Publishing


  1. MM Let me check my box today... I ordered it 8 days ago...!

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Thanks for the peek inside the covers!


  3. I received my copy a week or so ago,
    and am very pleased with it. About 50 yrs ago I bought the book Fawcett
    wrote. I am happy to have both books.

  4. This goes right next to my Dean Cornwell book. Thank for the preview!

  5. I got my copy a few weeks ago. Absolutely beautiful stuff!

  6. Dwayne2:10 AM

    Congratulations on your book Leif, any chance of a signed copy?