Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Piece of the Pete Hawley Puzzle

TI list member Ken Steacy graciously added another piece to the Pete Hawley puzzle late last night when he emailed me these fantastic four scans from his collection along with this note:
"Pete Hawley is a real fave of mine - I started collecting his Valentine's day cards decades ago, and his Jantzen ads are awesome. Whilst working for Carlton in the sixties he did some moonlighting under the name KWATZ and painted a groovy set of puzzles - the boxes currently adorn the stairs to my studio!"
As if that weren't enough, a short while later, Ken sent a second email with another rare treat: this shot of the original Pete Hawley art from a 1953 movie poster called "The Girls of Pleasure Island". Thanx Ken! You can now see these pieces and more in my Pete Hawley Flickr set.

I'm grateful to everyone who generously shares their scans, their time and their knowledge so we can all enjoy and learn more about classic illustrators like Hawley - and speaking of which, TI list member Armando Mendez begins his fascinating take on Pete Hawley and Jantzen artists just below...


  1. Excellent piece there Ken! Man I should look through my old CDs I downloaded a bunch of Hawley stuff when Glines was posting it on his old site years ago.

    I hope he finds the impetus and funding to publish his book about Hawley!

    Great stuff Leif!


  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Hi Leif,

    Hey, can I introduce myself... Scott Caple, been in animation and illustration for a longwhile now..worked at Disney and Pixar for last ten tears, back in TO now...and fan of Pete Hawley since i can't remember.
    So I'm just searching idly and find this..guess that's how it goes in this old etherworld.
    I know Ken S. very well and if anyone has everything Hawley he does, ( in fact, I think i know where he got the soldier/babe picture) but i have a stack of stuff from my young days, too; i'll try and get it to you.
    I haven't got much net presence and haven't started the blog thing yet, but contact me and let me know more; great blog; the old guys have always been my faves. It's nice to see them in demand; wasn't always the way.
    And you're in Hamilton, huh... have we met? Where do you work?


  3. Wow-- this site is becoming the clearinghouse for everyone who has been quietly collecting illustrations in separate corners of the universe up until now. It's great to see what happens when they start to pool their thoughts and their collections. I have long admired Armando's writings on Leonard Starr, Alex Raymond and other experts in feminine pulchritude, and I am glad he has re-emerged here with such a great contribution. As for Ken Steacy's groovy puzzle covers, I thought long and hard before deciding to confess that I actually owned one of those back when I was young and foolish. It was a gift, alright? I actually liked the picture but of course had no idea it was Hawley.

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I noticed a post here from Scott Caple. Would anyone have an email contact for him? I grew up in Owen Sound close to him and would love to get in contact with his brother and sister.

    Please email me at plewis30@telus.net.

    Pete Lewis

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I have 4 (8.5"x8.5") plastic plaques of toddlers showing a copywrite mark, then a date that I can't make out, followed by PETER HAWLEY. Might it be the same artist you are interested in?

    I tried to paste in a scan here, but it didn't work. Email me if you wish to see them at mmcc4145@jett.net. I can send scans that way.

  6. I am the owner of the Merrill Co Publishers that Peter Hawley did many covers for. Some were pictured in the Illustration Magazine Issue#22 Spring 2008. I am going to be offering these for sale. To see a few go here:






    These were unpublished:







    You may contact me at MerrillCoPub@aol.com

  7. Anonymous7:10 PM

    As a member of the Hawley family I would just like to say it is so touching to read your posts and know that he is not forgotten. Thank you

  8. I am so glad I found this blog! I am a huge pete fan I currntly have his "white kitten pwdering her nose" art tattooed on my ribs. Its very large and I now have a place to look for the perfect piece to go on the other side of my body thanks again so mutch...

  9. I'm also astonished that there is not a handsome, world-class coffee-table monograph on Pete Hawley. Sorely needed!

    A member of his family writes here as "Anonymous", I see. Some book-compiler needs to have access to all of Hawley's artwork, both his most famous images, his lesser known pieces, and his juvenilia. Nice if a Hawley family member can supply rich details about Hawley's life, childhood and training.