Sunday, May 27, 2007

Al Parker: 1943

As I was mulling over what to feature this week I found myself stumped. Almost any artist or topic that follows a week of Al Parker illustrations and Barbara Bradley's stellar commentary would come off poorly by comparison.

And to be honest, the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming here at TI headquarters -- even with Barbara's much appreciated guest writing last week. I need a little break from researching, scanning and writing these longer, multiple image posts every day.

So how do we follow a week of Al Parker? Why, with more Al Parker, of course!

I have a handful of Parker illustrations left over from preparing last week's posts and I'm going to present them chronologically one a day - without commentary - for the rest of this week. That'll be a nice way to decompress.

*The Norman Rockwell Museum is about to showcase Al Parker's work in a major retrospective. Go to the Rockwell Museum's site for more information.


  1. We can never have too much Al Parker: bring it on!

  2. Thanks for your efforts Leif, these Parker posts are priceless!

  3. Thanks, Roberto! i appreciate it -- and your work on your blog looks excellent! :-)