Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Al Parker: 1948

Unfortunately some former owner of the magazine cut some small photos from the reverse of the left-hand page. But it didn't totally ruin the piece so... here it is!

*The Norman Rockwell Museum is about to showcase Al Parker's work in a major retrospective. Go to the Rockwell Museum's site for more information.


  1. Barbara Bradley asked me to post the following comment on her behalf:

    “Somebody Loves Me” demonstrates one characteristic of Parker’s work that he shared with greats like Rockwell, his spot-on selection of period clothing, furniture, and props. Parker had twenty one four-drawer legal sized cabinets filled with scrap reference files. . Research not only informed him; It inspired him.

    How he used realities of different times and places for concept and design purposes is exciting. For example, the apron, like everything else in the picture, is accurate for the period in style and shape, adds to the content and the design. I wonder if he latched on to a heart shaped bib or merely changed the shape a bit to add to the theme. The Dandy is also a typical Parker design/concept gem.

    And, what fun he had with the hearts, using them for both the story and the long curve that followed the girl’s back to continue on to the back accents of shoes. Another typical parkertouch. . . incorporating his signature as part of the design by placing it in a heart.

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Love the blog - you leave me wishing for larger scans to view :)

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    doh - I should read. I see the offer to join to get full size scans. thx!