Thursday, September 04, 2008

A History Lesson with Charlie Allen

As I begin Day 2 of my porch-building adventure, Charlie Allen once again comes to the rescue with a batch of incredible historical illustrations by some of the masters of the mid-century. Many thanks, Charlie! Take it away...

"Yesterday looked through several historical folders in my ancient collection of stuff.. Wish I hadn't folded all those clips in the old days.....never considered their use or value years hence! I'm sure I have more Dunns... but found just this Paul Revere subject for Hancock Insurance."

"Not a good scan, for some reason, and you probably have a better one. Harvey Dunn was one of those giants of illustration... he and and Noel Sickles,"

"Harold Von Schmidt,"

"Donald Teague, and others before..."

"...not to mention the Fawcetts, Briggs, Smiths, Parkers, etc.,etc... reminded me why this mud turtle stayed on his log on the far side of the pond! I deservedly felt like a flea among giants in those days. Can't complain... had a lot of fun and success splashing around down at our end of the marsh. From an old file titled 'Civil War and Pioneers'... some more fine illustrations."

"Fred Otnes was a fine illustrator....just not in a class with Sickles. But then... who is?"

"Had to include Fred Ludekens....never a slick draftsman, but what a sense of drama and design!"

Be sure to drop by Charlie Allen's Blog for the most recent CAWS -- posted just yesterday -- and let Charlie know how much we appreciate his hard work!


  1. "A mud turtle on a log on this side of the pond". That Fresno boy has a way with words, and a way with a brush. Keep it up Charlie.
    Bruce Hettema

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