Friday, September 05, 2008

Some Personal History about Fred Ludekens

As I attempt to complete my porch-building project (now I know why I became an illustrator - I'm no handyman!) Charlie Allen shares another batch of historical illustrations, this time with a personal connection: all are by Fred Ludekens, with whom Charlie worked at Patterson & Hall in San Francisco. Charlie writes...

"One last set of the old west, etc......then I'll back off."

"Had to send a couple of more Ludekens."

"And... by the way... if you want to know what Ludekens looked like, he posed for the short CO ripping off rank and insignia from one of his officers."

"I think that illustration is my favorite of his. Fred literally fit the role....he could have done that in real life! A demanding, feisty guy."

* We'll be taking a week-long look at the art of Fred Ludekens some time soon - many thanks to Charlie Allen, who has his own excellent blog, for sharing his personal experience with the artist, as well as for providing the great scans!

My Fred Ludekens Flickr set.


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Thanks for all that history. For me it was very rewarding, in every aspect.