Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Sickles for Readers to Digest

More mid-50's Noel Sickles scans, courtesy of TI list member Tonci Zonjic, from an old Readers Digest Condensed Book:

Many thanks to Tonci Zonjic -- be sure to visit his blog and check out Tonci's excellent work!

* My Noel Sickles Flickr set.

*AND speaking of excellent work, Charlie Allen keeps pulling out surprises of more gorgeous artwork from the various decades of his career. Check out the latest CAWS at Charlie Allen's Blog.


  1. Wonderful.wonderful Leif!
    I had just heard thru a friend... that the Canadian Reader's Digest just filed for bankruptcy.

    ..... A very sad day indeed


  2. Yeah, I read that this morning in the paper, buddy. Really tragic, indeed. That a publisher responsible for commissioning so much amazing artwork over the course of nearly a hundred years would be in such dire straights... sad, sad! :^(

  3. off topic... the google ads look so much better once they become oriented toward your site's content. very nice!

  4. You can really see how Sickles had an influence on Alex Toth with these images.
    Thanks Leif.
    Looking forward to the rest of the week.


  5. Matt;

    Thanks for that feedback on the ads - I appreciate your continued support. I was told the ads would become more relevent to the site's content over time, so I'm glad to hear its happening.

  6. Larry; Thanks for bringing up that point - I think you're right... and one reason I like these pieces so much is because Sickles sort of fell back on his cartooning chops when he did many of these illustrations. The style almost approaches the look of his Scorchy Smith work, imo.

  7. Charlie Allen2:15 PM

    Amazing examples of Sickles work! Shows he had great talent and drawing skills from the start. Also, his own approach and way of getting the job done. Thanks....

  8. Thanks for returning the content to the feed! The ad appearing at the bottom was for the Amazon Kindle, and quite unintrusive. Thanks! I love your daily Inpiration!

  9. Wow! Wonderful stuff!