Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Austin Briggs for Readers to Digest

*Before we begin today's post, I wanted to share some exciting news with you from The Norman Rockwell Museum's Joyce Schiller:

"Earlier this year the Norman Rockwell Museum launched their study center, the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies (RCAVS). The RCAVS includes a website about the community of institutions partnered to create the RCAVS. I hope you will check out our website ( and look over the weekly analysis of a work of illustration art."

Thanks to Joyce for alerting us about this great new place on the Net to view and read about classic illustration. I've added the RCAVS website to the "Classic Illustration Links" in the sidebar.

More mid-50's artwork scans, courtesy of TI list member Tonci Zonjic, from an old Readers Digest Condensed Book - but this time the illustrations are by Austin Briggs:

Many thanks to Tonci Zonjic -- be sure to visit his blog and check out Tonci's excellent work!

* My Austin Briggs Flickr set.

*AND over at Storyboard Central, Harry Borgman wows us with some examples of his comp work from the pre-computer days of marker rendering. Check out Harry's blog as well at Harry Borgman Art.


  1. So true, buddy. Thanks once again to Tonci for sharing these scans with us. Its weeks like this that always make me feel like breaking all my pencils! ;^)

  2. Anonymous6:06 AM

    "Its weeks like this that always make me feel like breaking all my pencils! ;^)"

    And its comments like the above, Leif, show me that here are the right people to be with: like-minded people.


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